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Please send opinion to city area grand design

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Public comment (opinion open call for participants)

 We carry out public comment for plan of city area grand design stimulating development now.

  Page of public comment is this place

About discussion meeting

 About examination contents until the third examination Committee, we perform discussion meeting for all citizens. As application is unnecessary, please participate.

 It is 9:00 from 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 5 on the date and time

 The third floor of the place breath breath spirit building hall


With city area grand design

 City area grand design raises charm of the machinaka residence and aims at improvement of city vitality of the whole city.

 We draw city area town planning policy to JR Himi Station karahimi watch box street and establish policy to utilize profit of four public vacant lands and fishery cultural exchange center.

 We examine four times in Himi-shi city area grand design examination Committee to consist of representative, open call for participants citizen and 30 people of learning and experience of affiliate and will decide policy during the rest of the year.

Background of development

 By opening of Himi interchange of noetsujidoshado or maintenance of himi watch box street, city structure greatly changes in these 10 years while central city area hollows out by move of municipal hospital and city hall, closing of civic center, increase of empty house space store, and vitality decreases.

 We examine maintenance of city function to create evacuation site at the time of culture facility, disaster and vitality including open space and parking lot, life convenience facility where it is in old municipal hospital ruins, old city hall ruins, civic center site, former Asahigaoka Elementary School ruins of machinaka city area concretely, and it is necessary to connect with future development.

Progress of examination

 We install examination Committee to be composed of representative, open call for participants citizen and 30 people of learning and experience of affiliate on devising city area grand design and push forward examination.

 Summary of document of July 13 first examination Committee and given opinion

[up to the proceedings] [PDF file /259 .35 kilobytes]
[document 1] Committee list [PDF file /117 .37 kilobytes]

 Summary of document of September 20 second examination Committee and given opinion

[order] [PDF file /256 .00 kilobytes]

 Summary of opinion given in discussion meeting

Discussion meeting opinion summary [PDF file /267 .17 kilobytes]

 Document (we publish given opinion later) of new third examination Committee

Order [PDF file /246 .65 kilobytes]
[document 2] Discussion meeting opinion summary [PDF file /355 .10 kilobytes]
[document 4-3] Old municipal hospital ruins [PDF file /5 .38 megabytes]
[document 4-4] Old city hall ruins [PDF file /3 .92 megabytes]
[document 4-5] Civic center site [PDF file /5 .38 megabytes]
[document 4-7] Related facility [PDF file /5 .84 megabytes]
[document 4-8] General view [PDF file /4 .86 megabytes]

About "machinaka vision"

 Viewpoint of town planning

 We stand in viewpoint of both inhabitants and visitors, "we welcome people visiting Himi and do living of people of Himi wealthily again, and each activity gamachinakade overlaps", and, by interchange of both, vitality and charm of town push forward town planning to increase more.


Viewpoint of town planning

 Basic policy of town planning

 We place "machinaka keinarijiku" as local resources in machinaka city area based on access characteristics and form turnout and frame of the making of charm.

 Directional plan of zoning of machinaka city area and four public geographical advantage utilization of the sky

Directional plan of zoning of machinaka city area and four public geographical advantage utilization of the sky

 Formation policy of new tanamachinaka transportation system and excursion line of flow

 We consider whether we plan that excursion-related improvement that is town by building machinakaomeguru new transportation system while utilizing existing means of transportation for various places visited using Route 160, 415, wide area access from JR Himi Line, and placing "mobility station" with parking lot.

 In addition, we push forward the making of paths of attractive walk of plural "we enjoy "we enjoy green and moisture of waterside" "we enjoy nature and view of shoreline" that history, culture that is town" as walk way linking local resources "enjoys town of comics" "enjoys occupation scenery such as fishery".

Each geographical advantage utilization suggestion until new third examination Committee of the sky

  Old municipal hospital ruins led by culture facility (tentative name) "himi cultural exchange plaza" old city hall ruins comics theme nishitamachinaka excursion base (tentative name) "Himi comics open space" civic center site library, water and green "himi discovery building" which rest, and is space (tentative name) united with museum former Asahigaoka elementary school ruins led by child care facility said (tentative name) with "forest of himi child care".

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