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Information of bid

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 Information about bid

 News of bid information data update

 We published result of conditional general public bidding of the execution and designated bidding on April 20.

 We posted plan of conditional general public bidding of the execution on May 9.

We posted plan of designated competitive bidding of the execution on  May 9.

 It revised the Himi-shi low bidding price investigation system point and the low bidding price investigation trial knack to affect Himi-shi duties trust.





 We published order planning of 2017 (the second half of the year). 


  About "resident duty relaxation of spot agent," we try sequentially in 2017.


 (important) News about deadline for arrival day of bid book of postal bid

  In postal system, arrival mark on the next day is pushed even if mailed at Himi post office window on must arrive daily allowance day, and bid book becomes invalid.

  In addition, please confirm instructions in entry such as envelope, bid book well.


 News of bid participation screening application

  Person who wants to participate in bid of Himi-shi in 2017, 2018, please submit bid participation screening application.

  We accept bid participation screening application at any time. (until qualification validity March 31, 2019)

  The details click (including styles), guidance of the following bid participation screening application, and, after checking contents, please submit to Himi-shi Finance Affairs Division.


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