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Convenience store grant of certificate with my number card

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We started certificate convenience store grant service!

In Himi-shi, certificate convenience store grant using my number card gives a service from March 1, 2016. In this way, we plan the active spread of my number cards and promote improvement of citizen's convenience by good use of my number card for the future.

Service contents

With multi-copier installed in main convenience stores (following convenience store) of the whole country, we can acquire copying, certificate of seal-impression, family register matter proof (certified copy, abridgment, copying of tag) of resident's card.

●Available one

Which has my number card (personal number card) equipped with electronic certificate for user proof in one made resident registration in Himi-shi 15 years or older.

※And, as for the one which service of family register matter certificate is available to, resident registration is done in Himi-shi and limits to with permanent address in Himi-shi. (we are resident in other municipalities, and person of Motoichi permanent address starts the use of service on October 31, 2016. About convenience store permanent domicile certificate grant service This .)

※Certificate convenience store grant service is not available to one younger than 15 years, adult ward.

※It is not available by notice card, basic resident register card, citizen's card (seal registration card).

Convenience store grant comparison



Four columns of passwords of electronic certificate for user proof equipped with beforehand by my number card (personal number card) and my number card are necessary for the use of certificate convenience store grant service.

In the case of the use, you set my number card at multi-copier, and, according to explanation of screen, please input four columns of passwords of electronic proof for user proof.

※About operation method, This Please click this. (external link)


Kind of certificate


Acquisition method of certificate with my number card

 About acquisition method of certificate with my number card, This Please see (acquisition method of certificate).



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