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Himi-shi bridge extension of life repair plan

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 There was 265 Bridge in bridge within 15m more than 73 bridge, bridge length 2m "important bridges" more than bridge long 15m, and, in the bridge which Himi-shi managed, a lot of of this and others was built after high economic growth period intensively.

 Ratio of "aging bridge" that 50 years or more passed after the construction is 18% of whole (61 bridge) as of 2012 (Heisei 24), but we increase to 76% (255 bridge) in 2032 20 years later, and, among all 338 bridges, aging of bridge progresses rapidly.

 When we do not perform appropriate maintenance for these bridges, sudden accident by deterioration occurs, and there is concern about social influence by restricted traffic.

 From past break-down maintenance-like correspondence, we switch to correspondence that is premeditated and preventive to secure safety of road traffic and plan cost reduction by extension of life of bridge.

Himi-shi bridge extension of life repair plan [PDF file /419 .45 kilobytes]

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