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Emergency, disaster prevention

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Refuge, evacuation site table in Himi-shi

In Himi-shi, we performed review of evacuation site to use for every classification of disaster based on revision of Disaster Laws.

As you do not know when disaster is caused, please confirm place beforehand in family, area to evacuate quickly in emergency.

Himi-shi hazard map

We are doing to place and earthquake noyureyasusanadoo map which can cause outbreak such as the river flooding inundation caused by earth and sand disaster and heavy rain, the tsunami inundation caused by earthquake.

Please refer to each map from the following link.

Himi-shi disaster prevention map (the river flooding, earth and sand disaster)

Himi-shi yureyasusa map

Himi-shi flood refuge map

Himi-shi tsunami hazard map

About the preparation to storm and flood damage  

Storm and flood damage such as heavy rain or strong wind is high disasters of fear to occur.

We understand storm and flood damage definitely, and let's prepare for storm and flood damage.

About urgent breaking news email

Urgent breaking news email is service to deliver the simultaneous report to corresponding cell-phone existing in base station area in Himi-shi through network of each cell-phone company in emergency such as disasters.

Let alone person living in Himi-shi, it is given information from the suburbs that there is in area to commuter, trip temporarily.

About Himi-shi news email (disaster prevention)

In e-mail address that had you register, bears provide haunting information or air pollution information such as PM2.5 depending on case other than nation protection information such as heavy rain, weather warning and evacuation advisories such as heavy snows, ballistic missile attack.

As enrolment fee is free, please subscribe.

About action that you should take when ballistic missile may drop

Please confirm about action that you should take when ballistic missile may fall to Japan.

Disaster prevention related link

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