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About Himi-shi yureyasusa map

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We announce Himi-shi yureyasusa map

With yureyasusa map

 Fault zone which may cause large-scale earthquake in Himi-shi has ozatochikata, Hiranonishi, Tonami part, Mt. Kureha, Atotsugawa, five places of Shogawa.
 Thing which composed seismic intensity by earthquake in these fault zones and inland earthquake is "illustration of seismic intensity assumption". As for this seismic intensity, 1 is greatly affected by hardness (the softness) of the outer layer ground distance from the seismic center, 3 scale of earthquake to occur, 2.
 Himi-shi yureyasusa map divides whole city into 50m square division and we show seismic intensity when assumed the largest earthquake was generated in distinguishing and do.

Let's begin earthquake measures

 We do not know when and where major earthquake including Niigata Chuetsu earthquake and Noto Peninsula earthquake of October, 2004 of March, 2007 is generated. Let's begin earthquake measures to keep life, property of oneself and family, local life because there is now.
 We feel influence caused by earthquake close and make Himi-shi yureyasusa map for the purpose of citizen's everybody having earthquake resistance of own house wrestle.
 Please inflect as examination document in local voluntary disaster prevention organization.

   ≪As for Himi-shi yureyasusa map, please see attached file.≫

 Attached file

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