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Please confirm! Himi-shi disaster prevention map

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 We had citizen's know place with fear of outbreak such as the river flooding inundation caused by earth and sand disaster and heavy rain, the tsunami inundation caused by earthquake and made "Himi-shi disaster prevention map" for the purpose of supporting voluntary actions such as the preparation or refuge for disaster every each district.

 About tsunami inundation assumption area

  The inundation of tsunami of when "breakwaters caused by earthquake of Mt. Kureha fault zone are destroyed" separates assumed range and depth of the inundation by color to four phases and, based on tsunami simulation findings that prefecture announced in March, 2012, is displayed.

 Color    Indication of the depth (m) inundation of the inundation

 It is 5.0 from blue 2.0    Depth to be immersed in to edge of the eaves on the second floor

 It is 2.0 from light blue 1.0    Depth to be immersed in to the neighborhood of under the eaves on the first floor

 It is 1.0 from yellowish green 0.5    Depth to be immersed in to waist

 Yellow    It is 0.5 from 0     Depth to be immersed in to knee

  In addition, when "dislocation of the Itoigawa offing" which Toyama referred to saying that dislocation is not confirmed definitely in country links and breakwaters are destroyed, the inundation surrounds expected range in red line and is displayed.

  As inundation range spreads out than simulation result and may be flooded to height with more than of assumption when scale or the seismic center of earthquake are different from assumption, please warn enough.

 Himi-shi disaster prevention map


01.Asahigaoka, the center, Kano (Kurakawa) district  

[PDF file /1 .94 megabytes]

02.The northern part, Kano (Kano, Suwano), Inazumi district  

 [PDF file /1 .75 megabytes]

03.Hollow ward                         

[PDF file /1 .77 megabytes]

04.Miyata district                         

[PDF file /2 .01 megabytes]

05.12 districts                        

  [PDF file /2 .09 megabytes]

06.Offering to a priest district                         

[PDF file /2 .09 megabytes]

07.Kojiro district                         

[PDF file /2 .12 megabytes]

08.Busshoji district                         

[PDF file /2 .19 megabytes]

09.Kamisho district                         

[PDF file /2 .09 megabytes]

10.Kumanashi district                         

[PDF file /1 .97 megabytes]


  [PDF file /2 .05 megabytes]

12.Kume district                       

  [PDF file /2 .20 megabytes]

13.Yokawa district                         

[PDF file /2 .05 megabytes]

14.Go stone district                         

[PDF file /2 .02 megabytes]

15.Yatsushiro district                        

 [PDF file /2 .00 megabytes]

16.Ao district                        

  [PDF file /2 .90 megabytes]

17.Thicket paddy field ward                         

[PDF file /1 .91 megabytes]

18.Unami district                         

[PDF file /1 .83 megabytes]

19.Woman excellent district                         

[PDF file /1 .89 megabytes]



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