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About action that you should take when ballistic missile may drop

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As there was reporting, we will tell about action that you should take when ballistic missile may fall to Japan from the Cabinet Secretariat.

Communication just after ballistic missile discharge

○Ballistic missile hits the ground from discharge extremely in a short time.
○When missile may fall to Japan, we utilize J alert and are disaster prevention administration radio
 Spread message with special siren sound, and information urgent by urgent breaking news emails
 We will tell.


Action that you should take right after message flowed

[when in the outdoors]
○Please evacuate to building and basement firm as possible.
○You hide yourself in shade near when there is not suitable building, or the ground can lie down, and please protect the head.
[when in indoor]
○You are separated from window, or please move to cave.

For details, please see nation protection portal site of the Cabinet Secretariat.

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