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oratcha public information writer introduction

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 Convey "oratcha construction" through public information, and send out buds in many places of Himi; "have small thing of town", and want to support o


Greetings of nice to meet you

Nice to meet you, it is Asami Yotaro, Hiroko. Mr. and Mrs. us emigrated from Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo to Himi in May, 2016.


Freelance writer / pretense novelist that husband, Yotaro is from Hachioji-shi, Tokyo. Touch sense of values that is at all different from daily livings that there is around oneself in urban area and flow at gentle time while we are concerned with website production to introduce local story into in Tokyo and notice pleasure of various richness that area has and designing living by oneself.


One wife, Hiroko as for birth and the breeding Toyama (Imizu-shi). PR planner bound Tokyo and district together as coordinator editor after the graduation from university again in Tokyo while being awakened to regionalism and possibility that "learned the next future figure from area" triggered by having learned local sociology in college student days once once once.


Himi-shi where two whom sonnanakade met had border on.

Village forest, village Sea and it which are rich have string zuku traditional culture, and there is various person challenging, and Himi is right place to be excited at like Urashima's box of "secret".

Touch thought that there is in thing and people who have been inherited in this land not to know still more and think that it is what, or thing which can contribute to local should be born by conveying it.

What such we want to grant through "oratcha public information"

As for "oratcha public information," concept of "oratcha construction" that Himi-shi publishes causes.

※With "oratcha construction"


It does not make every another person left to person, and citizen each one is independent, and, as a result, it is connected in the bright future of town thought, to act forward we let imagination work freely and describe dream and to grant it.


In this way, Mr. and Mrs. us understands when "oratcha construction" aims for citizen's each one raising own well-being and possibility as every oneself not "regional activation of ideas of rulers bottoms".


Therefore, by this "oratcha public information to begin," we will believe potential of Himi from now on and want to aim at making "place" (environment) supporting the activity through introduction of "person" and "project" that we are going to describe happy tomorrow in together. Besides, we are thinking that it can promote the making of new connection with a view of face by this publicity work. 

Movement of "oratcha public information" in the future

(1) We update article in Himi-shi homepage

We introduce "person" and "project “ which we are going to work on from / this working on "oratcha construction" as article of homepage.

(2) We show the way of support clearly

In article of homepage, we show wanting you to support, the support method.

(3) Inflection of Facebook

We utilize Facebook and convey story that we cannot convey when it is only article of homepage including gleanings of coverage.

※"Himi City Hall" Facebook page than thisWe open with the other window

(4) The making of structure connecting support with real participation

It is active and, from the viewpoint of publicity work, explores structure which can interchange at place of person of activity and rial.

(5) Issuance, distribution of tabloid

In March, 2017, we issue tabloid and distribute all houses in Himi-shi. We send wakuwaku which "oratcha public information" draws to person who is unfamiliar to Web.

Support of everybody is necessary for this publicity work itself!

It is gradually possible for dream derived from oneself from own heart by chasing dream of the person with person having dream.

We do like that and think that we should be able to describe "tomorrow of Himi" when we share own dream as thing of somebody and can bring up dream of somebody as own thing through "oratcha public information".

We really appreciate when you can do the following support if you can sympathize with the way of such "oratcha public information".

(1) At first want to read, want to know

Read uploaded article, and there is such a person, when there is such an activity, have at first know; when can have, is glad.

(2) "It is good" "share" in Facebook

We attach comment and "share" and we have you do and have or have you only push "it is good" and have. With that alone it really encourages!

(3) Offer of information

Reporting about coverage ahead advice about how to convey, "such one comes" and, "there is such an interesting person." As you would appreciate with various mind from "voice" of everybody, please cooperate!

(4) Offer of photograph material

When everyday scenery that "we offer work because photograph is hobby!" everybody cut can provide many wonderful photographs, we are really glad. We are looking forward to being able to come across charm of unseen Himi!


And while blowing up dream when we can provide place of communication to tie "writer to send local charm" to and "person of activity to work on oratcha construction" and person of "supporting" of 3 to in the future….


"oratcha public information" to begin will be happy from now on if you can pay attention!

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