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[report] We concluded agreement about town planning support

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Agreement about town planning support

(photograph) Director Representative Toyama authorized architect society chairperson Kenji Nakano (the left), Mayor Motokawa (the right)


Himi-shi concluded agreement about town planning support with nonprofit foundation Toyama authorized architect society (the following, authorized architect society) on September 26. As the prefecture local government, agreement with authorized architect society comes to visit to Motoichi for the first time.

Authorized architect society holds eight times in total, lecture "himi session" about town planning in form to cooperate with administration of Himi-shi town planning bank which performed open in September, 2015 so far.

This agreement identifies comprehensive collaborative relationship in town planning support with Motoichi as authorized architect society, and will carry out concrete approach from thing which agreed by discussion.

It is intended that we contribute to solution of city problem and citizen's welfare improvement by making use of specialty about design construction or maintenance, repair of building which authorized architect society holds in town planning support of Motoichi.

Cooperation matter in agreement

Support to inflection such as empty house or space store contributing to 1 district construction and community-based welfare

Support to maintenance reproduction of landmark architectures such as 2 modern architecture and local contribution utilization

Support to the good scenery formation such as 3 architecture

Offer of learning opportunity to citizen about 4 architecture and house, town planning

Support to local restoration, revival activity at the time of 5 disasters occurrence

Thing that is necessary for 6 Others, achievement of purpose

The present concrete approach 

Holding of "himi session" to learn with 1 citizen

Case study of block design by empty house, vacant land utilization of 2 center city areas

Examination of the cooperation system in 3 scenery formation and enlightenment activity

Examination of town regular design utilized 4 Himi products materials

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