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[report] "Cross bus" is service start from October 1

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Cross; bus

"Crossed, and, with Tsuboike, Takaoka line which Kaetsuno bus operated having been abolished on September 30, NPO bus started service of bus" NPO corporation Kume area meeting on October 1.

On the same day, starting expression was held near Sainen Teramae red hair bus stop of red hair, and the Mayor of Motokawa gave busman bouquet and local people and others waved hand and saw off departure of bus.

Vehicle is van of 14-passenger, and, character "Tsubaki whom Miho Kudo from Furezaka district designed," illustration of "nyangu" (Tengu) is drawn "nyanjishi" (lion dance). We commute on 3 on roundtrip, holiday on 4 on weekdays and travel and add new routes such as red hair or old valley and operate the Himi station square in one from the Himi station square and the Sakagami side from red hair each. We join on the way in Kume and, depending on the ride number of people, are going to travel by one bus from there.


Cross; bus

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