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[report] Himi-shi IJU (emigration) support center opened

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Emigration support center

 On November 8, interchange base "Himi-shi IJU (emigration) support center" (nickname: mirai engine) for emigration domiciliation support performed open.

 In this facility, petit renovation did traditional Machiya of Himi in Chuoucho, and aims at it being in "Tamar place of town" where local inhabitants and visitor to Himi relax casually and interchange, and there is. Area interchange center plan that received trust from Himi-shi runs, and Hiroyuki Akashi of the company's representative takes office as center length and supports house or employment to emigration applicant with the unique immigrant staff.

 When you came to neighborhood, please drop in casually.

Summary of center

 Because we wait for Himi-shi and set four basic aims by person, work construction broad strategic view, and basic aim II of the inside plans restraint that society of population decreases by based on Himi-shi population vision in "we make flow of new person", we perform various approaches. We decide to aim at increase of 35 a year people of IJ turn by pressing youths who are not born and raised soon in our city for inflow of (person of IJ turn), and planning fixation support.

 We have in part you know Himi to achieve increase target of 35 a year people of IJ turn, and platform carrying out these three phases of support "fixation support" that I think that "emigration support" that you can emigrate to immediately when you decided when "the making of opportunity" lives in two that living of Himi can experience lives in three and after all was allowed to live generally is necessary, and, as for "Himi-shi IJU support center" (nickname: mirai engine), it is in the headquarters.

(1) Administrative body

・Trust company area interchange center plan

・Mayor of center Hiroyuki Akashi

・One business manager

・Two duties people in charge

(2) Open time 

It is 9:00 p.m. from 9:30 a.m.

(3) Regular holiday

Every Wednesday, Thursday

(4) Business outline

・Emigration domiciliation consultation desk

・Information dispatch to cause emigration domiciliation

・Activity in metropolitan areas

・Conduct of living bodily sensation tour (tentative name)

・Administration of empty house information bank

・We support occupation

・Immigrant fixation support

・Information investigation to contribute to emigration domiciliation

・Business suggestion (administration of Tamar ground of town)

(5) Contact information

・Phone number    : 0766-54-0445        

・Email      :

・Homepage :


Introduction of Mayor of center


Hiroyuki Akashi (area interchange center plan representative director)

 It was born in Hiroshima and learns product design in university of arts, and it is entered the company to town planning company. We have the results that inhabitants coordinated town planning of the leading role in various areas of the whole country.

 Oneself became player after having emigrated to Toyama that was hometown of wife six years ago and worked on town planning of the prefecture. Place for one to contribute to town planning in Shinminato Uchikawa is made. Renovation did old folk house which was tatami-maker and launched cafe and sent local charm based in here and wrestled for the small entrance and making of brand of Uchikawa that it was. We were introduced by newspaper and magazine, TV program nationwide, and 20,000 a year or more came to come to cafe in port town of the country so far. The effect showed regional expanse and had an influence on bases that utilized shop and studio, empty house including office having increased.

 In addition, new house in the town company building of design company which wife runs in May of this year is born along Uchikawa and gets on consultation of emigration applicant commencing with local empty house consultation, produce of rinobe recently based in here. Akashi says, "you should build place where town planning and the making of atmosphere that inhabitants were made up mainly of are important, and casual encounter with inhabitants and visitor is born rather than event-like approach well to call in immigrants".


Summary of "Tamar ground of town"

What is Tamar ground of 1 town?

 It is interchange base for emigration domiciliation support that petit renovation performed of traditional house in the town of Himi.

 Local inhabitants gather here and, for it being in place where one that visited Himi can drop in at casually, open room cafe and various emigration support desks.

 Not place that only enjoys merely service, we get cooperation of inhabitants and senior immigrants and want to build up place where charm of Himi comes out in with.

Role of Tamar ground of 2 towns

The making of place for local inhabitants

 "It is unnecessary, local place that can gather more casually without minding…We came to hear ", such a voice well. Therefore we thought that place such as interchange salon which could expect to "is new encounter waiting whether there was somebody of acquaintance here if we came?" was necessary. At first it should be place where everybody of Himi wants to come to. People who want to emigrate to nature and Himi may increase if they can have a glimpse of atmosphere of Himi here.

The making of place for person who visited Himi

 If we are interested in Himi, and people who came realize, "there is place to be able to rely on after having emigrated", it should be big relief materials. We make atmospheres that can interchange with area inhabitants relaxing by the use such as restroom and break, load custody and area guidance, wi-fi or power supply here with opportunity naturally to have you drop in again and again during stay. He/she should raise feeling that contact with people living in Himi wants to emigrate to.

3 offer services

As office of administrative body

・Consultation desk, various coordination of iteijusha

・Reception desk, reservation window (going to run simple accommodations for emigration applicants) of guest house


As relaxation space of local inhabitants, meeting place

・Cafe (other than drink, we prepare board game such as shogi, Othello) of self-service

・Space reservations (reservation required)

・Share office of nomad worker (there are many immigrant or people of U-turn) of Himi


For bivouac point of visitor to Himi

・Load custody, restroom, nap rest station

・Power supply, wi-fi offer

・Guidance such as local guidance board, restaurant or accommodations 


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