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[report] Town planning salon Tatsuya Inoue lecture

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Inoue lecture

 We invited President Tatsuya Inoue of school in Nishiawagura, the forest which attracted attention by promotion of forestry from the whole country on November 8 to lecturer and held lecture of the making of work using forest resource. 70 people came and learned technique that changed thing in area into business with new sense of values from the city outside.

 In this page, we publish lecture record that summarized lecture contents.


[Tatsuya Inoue]

It was born in 1984. We act as school in Nishiawagura, the forest's representative director to deal with from sawing to plan development and sales of wood product in Nishiawakura-son, Okayama.

Big challenge of small village

 Nishiawakura-son, Okayama is small village located at the prefectural border of Tottori and Hyogo, and population is more than 1,500 people. We advocated vision called "forest design of 100 years" as village in 2008. Village and forestry owners' association, school of Nishiawagura, forest began the making of forest together to protect small village in oneself for design to leave rich forest for children of 50 years later beautifully that ancient people had for 50 years. Young people to gradually approve of gather, and 10%, 150 people of villager are immigrants now.


It is school in Nishiawagura, the forest

 School in Nishiawagura, the forest is doing lumbering in company of third sector. We were thinking how area was heaped up as business as well as activity of volunteer group and NPO corporation. At first local oneself make profit as private enterprise and primarily we give salary of employee and return to private enterprise employee and want to return. We run company in such thought.

 Tree of Nishiawagura was only sold as wood to use for house until this company was established, and there was not industry to use tree for other than it. Therefore we sell dry board even from one piece. At the same time, we gather people making furniture and miscellaneous goods, musical instrument building house using this board. We began these two. Wood made structure which circulated in such an area that customized tree which grew in area in wood in hometown, and made product using this tree.


Wood which is thrown away depending on idea to product

  Business strategy of school in Nishiawagura, the forest is local lumber dealer of less than engineering firm more than home center. Thinning materials that cares for mountain for the making of forest, and came out may not be popular to carpenter without length of 4 meters that is necessary for standard being produced. Then we made original merchandise to think to be interesting in us with thinning materials and thought to be given tree by consumers who finally used tree directly.

 We had the highest award of prize for the first Wood design last year. They regarded communication as consumers, and thinning materials seemed to have forest evaluate such a thing that we made new market to be good not having informed tree and area of Nishiawagura, thinning materials equal sign quality being bad.


We do that oneself is interesting, and, as a result, town is made

  As for "forest design of 100 years," challenge just began. If it attaches added value to born resources though it is difficult, it thinks that it is in kind of business that I gain only on the making of forest. We make money than what thinks about good one for town by thinking that oneself is interesting. As a result, town is made if we continue thinking about it. Nishiawagura is such a village.


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