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The first marriage couple is born by matchmaking promotion business!

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 On Saturday, September 23, Hirai and Matsui after starting association submitted cause Registering your marriage. of attendance of the Mayor of forest by introduction of "matchmaking busybody" of city, and it was matchmaking promotion business's first marriage couple.

 Hirai and Matsui said, "we want to build warm family who did not die out of smile", and the Mayor of forest gave bouquet saying "it is happy for a long time".


 Two people met in last December and continued associating smoothly and made betrothal present in August of this year. Matsubara of city matchmaking society's vice-chairperson that made introduction "is just glad. Taking this occasion, we said, we want to expect increase of member.


 Hirai, Matsui, really congratulations!  



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"Go to it! himi gets married [recruitment of members]

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