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It is naive in the local government of the prefecture! We install multi-copier in city hall

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 On Wednesday, November 1, we installed multi-copier in the first floor of the city hall citizen floor (the Community Services Division side). It is available as copier and, using my number card, can acquire copy of resident's card or koseki* (sho) book, seal certificate of enrolment.

 In this way, congestion reducing of shortening and window of acquisition time for certificate is expected.

 Takabayashi who became the first user told, "we were not used yet, but are available immediately if the staff told kindly and learned even turn".


Use time weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Copy of certificate resident's card which we can acquire

         Copy of a person's family register (all matter proof)

         Extract from a person's family register (personal matter proof)

         Tag of family register

         Seal certificate of enrolment (limited to person who is already doing seal registration)

Rate that has the same when we acquire at rate window

My number card which password (four columns of numbers) of electronic certificate for thing user proof necessary for the use of service is registered with


The details are this

(we installed multi-copier in city hall!) We open with the other window



(when we do not understand how to use, the staff copes)

Multi-copier 2


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