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Year-end special caution departure ceremony was carried out

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 On Friday, December 1, year-end special caution departure ceremony was performed in Himi citizen soft kendo Arinobu hall in Himi police station site, and communication meeting, Himi-shi private enterprise patrol communication meeting, keitomokaihyokenshibu, person concerned and others approximately 60 of Himi police station attended at members of Himi-shi crime prevention association and Himi-shi boy guidance.

 Because nightfall became early, and case and accident became easy to generate weather in December that became bad, attendants braced themselves for the making of security, reliable Himi-shi.

 We left saying "we leave for year-end special caution because hello", and, after greetings of the Nojima Himi chief constables, kyu﨑seikatsuyasuzenkacho declared, and attendant and others took police vehicle and blue turn light equipment vehicle and went around convenience store and general merchandising store, pachinko parlor in the city and appealed for various prevention of crime and prevention of juvenile delinquency.

 Please try for security measures such as for keys so that everybody is made new age safely. In addition, let's talk with person and the police of relative as there is possibility of fraud in telephone and email, postcard from unknown person.



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