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We count down until hand holding during spring

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Countdown board setting

 On Thursday, December 14, we held countdown board setting event of national junior high student handball championship of the thirteenth new year in Himi City Hall.

 We set "100" to countdown board that sixth grader of hibi*ko handball club displayed the days until the date for meeting on that day which there were only 100 days left in until Saturday, March 24, 2018 when meeting began.

 The forest mayor, to "spring pastime that gives poetic charm and hand during spring when was, is another 100 days. We prepare well. We supported together and said hello saying we will heap up. "Senior did the best, and sixth grader of hibi*ko handball club which participated sent ...!" and Yale.

 We install this countdown board in the first floor of the city hall front entrance until the meeting end.

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