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"Dream and hope of himi child" glittered and held promotion business Yosuke Yamamoto lecture

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 On Thursday, December 14, we held Yosuke Yamamoto lecture in Himi-shi contact sports center. Based on the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics being held in 2020, we invited Yamamoto who was Nippon Sport Science University professor in 65 kg of Seoul Olympics judo boys grade copper medalists and had you give a lecture in toiu subject "to raise human being".

 As for Yamamoto, it was talked about based on own experience the life having been opened up in importance of effort to perform when nobody saw and thinking by oneself, and acting. Picture of the Seoul Olympics and the Rio Olympics, picture of the world championship of Hifumi Abe who did his best in Nippon Sport Science University were broadcasted, and students listened to lecture while brightening eyes.

 By questions and answers, we were asked about method to keep intention and motivation at the time of exercise by student, and it was talked about making purpose clear, and having wrestled premeditatedly or having chosen sender daringly when we hesitated. In later rock, paper, scissors meet, we played rock-paper-scissors with Yamamoto, and notebook and ball-point pen of Nippon Sport Science University were presented by student who won.

 We experience "14-year-old challenge", and this lecture invites celebrity or first rank of various fields as lecturer targeting at eighth graders who have begun to think about figure and way of oneself future of life as social member and aims at having it be "child who stretches out own good point with dream and hope, and advances, and flaps in the world" who is one of the pillars of education basic policy of Himi-shi. This holding was realized by educational foundation Nippon Sport Science University linking "agreement about physical education, sports promotion" to Himi-shi from July, 2015.







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