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We decide Himi-shi 10 great news in 2017

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We decide Himi-shi 10 great news in 2017

[the first place] Forest municipal administration is born

Masayuki Hayashi is elected in the Himi mayoral election performed voting and counting the ballots of on April 2, and it is attended office for the first time on appointment, April 7 by the mayor. We promote "Himi spirit project" to realize three basic ideas called "town where we want to live" in "town which wants to work" "town which we want to bring up" and wrestle with sense of speed for town planning that fixed its eyes on the future.

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[the second place] A lot of disasters caused by heavy rain, typhoon occur

We record precipitation 202.5mm, and landslide and submergence damage occur in a part in the city for observation 24 hours greatest in history (July 1). In addition, typhoon 21 that is supersized, and is very strong goes ashore, and damage such as promenade and Unami fishing port east breakwater of beach botanical garden being damaged occurred and it is lost power from approximately 900 households and has a big influence on civic life (October 22.23 days).

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[the third place] On Christmas tree that "tree of ichi* of hiba arborvitae" is the number one in the world

Unfold led by sora botanical garden (daihyoseihatakeseijunshi); "aim! "Tree in the city of hiba arborvitae" is chosen by world's best Christmas tree project and gives off brightness in transportation (November 9), Kobe from ichi* to Kobe (December 2-26 days). In addition, we are going to hold event on "day of Himi" on December 26

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[the fourth place] Himi district marinobeshon base fishing port fishing village general maintenance business completion type

We hold the ceremony of completion of "Himi district marinobeshon base fishing port fishing village synthesis maintenance business" to Ao fishing port from Himi fishing port and celebrate completion of hibi*kodaikyo, ratio beauty Noe Park, himi watch box street (November 19). Operating cost is more than 18 billion yen and is completed in business period of approximately 25 years

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[the fifth place] Himi Fukuki line is opened

Urban road authorized in city plan Himi Fukuki line linking Route 415 Yanagita grounds to the city street Nakasendo highway Line hollow is opened (February 26). 1,160 meters in total length, total width are 16 meters. Operating cost is approximately 16 years during 2,140 million yen, construction period

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[the sixth place] Winning a prize national by sports

Northern junior high school girl is a runner up in hand during spring, and boy wins a prize the third place (March 29), and 13 youth handball clubs are whole country primary schoolchild handball memory meetings, and Himi High School is a runner up in whole country championship (August 6), handball boys of whole country high school synthesis physical education meeting (August 10), and Asumi Taniuchi is all-Japan girl sumo championship, and individual heavyweight division third place winning a prize, Nanoha Yashima place in all-Japan junior high student girl sumo championship the individual extra-lightweight third place (October 15).

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[the seventh place] We are decided by sale in lots, Komatsu Ltd. of Oura second industrial area

About Oura second industrial area preparing land,-based plane major Komatsu Ltd. acquires all land for sale by the lot. Group companies such as KOMATSU Cass tex will conjugate (May 19).

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 [the eighth place] Town planning that we made use of comics in accelerates

Go ahead through town planning that kept setting (March 23) of monument of life-sized pro golfer monkey, homepage establishment (April 14) of Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ comics world, comics including Fukuzo Moguro character greeting (June 17) alive to Chuoucho pocket park, and sea breeze gallery is chosen in "Japanese animation sacred place 88 (2018 version) that we want to visit" of animation tourism association (August 26). In addition, we memorialize the sea breeze gallery tenth anniversary and hold ceremony and event (October 6).

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[the ninth place] We conclude agreement of cooperation with Meijo University department of agriculture

We conclude agreement about cooperation, cooperation with Meijo University department of agriculture (chairperson Akihiro Ohara). Aiming at activation such as agriculture and forestry fishery, social activity and education in school (November 6).

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[the tenth place] We promote sightseeing PR of city, and sightseeing interchange with Taiwan becomes active

Video which publicizes tourist attraction and charm of meal with "secret date - Himi and you location of movie is performed in holding (October 29), the city of "himi food Aya festival" that form sightseeing cultural exchange visit corps publicly (March 28), and tourist association gathered holding, Komono-cho, Mie and friendship tie-up (October 16), various gourmets of Himi in ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the foundation other than visit to ice (October 26) for investigation major travel agency of visit to Taiwan (August 23-25 days), Taiwan of I ...", and promotion of sightseeing interchange is planned.

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・nadaurachugakuko*ko, Meiwa nursery school close

For history nadaurachugakuko since foundation for history of 70 in curtain (closing a school-type March 24), Meiwa nursery school of 37 years curtain (close-type March 24)

・Industry of Himi is accepted in the whole country

Fish processing food of Himi adopts to in-flight meal of international line first class of ANA (from June to August), and wine of say farm wins gold medal in European class system white wine section of wine contest in Japan (August 8).

・Thesis of itasempara is published in international magazine

Study group of curators of city Board of Education announces that rice field around the habitation river plays a big role for breeding of itasempara of country designation natural monument, and they are published in authoritative international magazine (August 7).

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