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Privacy Policy

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On Himi-shi formula homepage, we handle based on Himi-shi ordinance of privacy protection about collection, the use, management of personal information appropriately.


About protection, management of personal information

  • When we collect personal information through Himi-shi formula homepage, we should be offer (registration) of information by intention of user.
  • We use personal information within answer to inquiry and the purposes that we stated clearly beforehand such as application procedures. In addition, we do not perform the use except purpose and offer except purpose unless it establishes in "the regulations about protection of Himi-shi personal information" including case getting consent of user.
  • We do not collect personal information about thought, creed or religion and personal information that may cause cause of social discrimination unless we establish in ordinance of privacy protection.
  • About access log recorded on the server of Himi-shi, we use for investigation in Himi-shi formula homepage administration including count into number of access, but may not in this way identify the person. But it is not this limit when reporting based on laws and ordinances is demanded from public institutions such as court, the police by vicious mischief or crime.
  • Each section of the jurisdiction manages personal information that we collected severely and takes hedges such as leak, loss, manipulation. We discard immediately, and personal information that was not necessary removes.


About Himi-shi information security policy

  1. Basic policy
  2. The information security promotion system
  3. Coverage
  4. Person of application
  5. Evaluation and review
  6. Definition of term
  7. The enforcement


1.Basic policy

You handle important information assets such as civic personal information or administrative administration information, and Himi-shi protects citizen's privacy and must provide fair fair administrative services.

To this end, it protects information assets from various menaces such as wiretapping, theft by unauthorized access and leak and artificial mistake, disaster, accident appropriately, and it is necessary to maintain secrecy, integrity, availability of information assets.

Thus, we carry out unified information security measures to set of "Himi-shi information security policy" (we say "policy" as follows.) and shall act for maintenance improvement of civic confidence.


2.The information security promotion system

Himi-shi sets up chief executive about information security and promotes securing of unified information security of information assets.

In addition, by information security meeting, we establish the organization crossing-like security promotion system, and promotion manages information security measures such as correspondence of (including virus damage) at the time of education and security accident occurrence to the staff as well as technical measures smoothly by setting up the information security governing board more.


3. Coverage

We assume all information assets which Himi-shi holds and administrative network including it.


4. Person of application

Himi-shi gives all staff including full-time employment, part-time service to be engaged in information assets to hold and temporariness and staff of affiliated organization, outside trust supplier common recognition about importance of information security and shall let you observe policy.


5. Evaluation and review

Motoichi confirms the observance situation of policy regularly.

In addition, we carry out evaluation, review of security measures to set of policy appropriately to cope with turn of eventss to surround information security.


6. Definition of term

Information security

 Maintain secrecy, integrity of information assets and availability.

Information assets

 All information (including information recorded electromagnetically and printed matter which we output) that are dealt with in information system and network

Information system   

 Structure to be comprised of computer and recording medium, and to handle information.


 Structure which we are comprised of communications network to connect information system of Motoichi mutually, constitution apparatus and recording medium and handle.


 Ensure that only admitted person can access information.


 Protect information and processing method being correct and complete thing.


 When you are necessary, ensure that you can access information.


7. The enforcement

 Policy takes effect on March 19, 2004.


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