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Introduction of characteristic of Himi-shi homepage

Realization of easy homepage

It is easy to look for and is plain

We performed review how information of administrative services should be placed. It is published the cause of standard that necessary information standardized.

In addition, site constitution of global navigation (event, civic life of the life) of top page is based on universal menu.


Public information himitono information cooperation

We strengthen public information himitono cooperation. It is in a condition that public information himino details information is placed in homepage.

Smartphone correspondence

We cope with design in consideration of operation profile every device such as phone in smartphone and tablet, future.

Improvement of search method

Depending on the situation of person visiting homepage, we can look for information by various methods.

We look for from information to want to know

We can look for which "we want to look for event" depending on purpose including "we want to look for facility".

We look for from event of the life

We can check from common procedure including turning point of the life.

We look for from search

We can search in homepage. Furthermore, we can look for from keyword searched well.

We look for from information used well

We check the reading situation of homepage and place page used well.

Attractive dispatch of city

Topic of town

We utilize photograph and publish article to report news of Himi. We send report of event held in city or activity of citizen's everybody.


Recommended environment

We check the operation of city homepage in the following environment (at end of March, 2016)

Windows environment

  • Internet Explorer 8 (8.0)
  • Internet Explorer 9 (9.0)
  • Internet Explorer 10 (10.0)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (11.0)
  • The Firefox latest edition (43.0)
  • The Chrome latest edition (46.0)


Mac environment

The Safari latest edition (8.0.8)



We optimize in 768 pixels of screen width or less



We optimize in 320 pixels of screen width or less


Feature phone

  • NTT DOCOMO (i-Mode browser 2.0)
  • au (WAP2.0)
  • Yahoo mobile (3GC)


Delivery by RSS

On city homepage, we deliver topics, latest information, update information of event by RSS.


Accuracy of information, stop, contents change of site

We keep our site in mind to place correct information, but may be different from the real situation for unexpected situation.

For maintenance of apparatus to run disaster and our site and communication equipment, in our site, stop or contents may be changed without notice.

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