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Virtual Government building guidance

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We can perform simulated experience of Government building guidance of Himi City Hall on the Internet by virtual Government building guidance.

We can look around 360-degree Government building and can see invention and characteristic of Government building.

Virtual Government building guidance

We will use

To see detailed information

In virtual Government building guides, we can see detailed information by clicking icon.








Introduction of icon

Icon Explanation
We can see invention and characteristic of Government building.
Window service
We can experience window service. We introduce case that 3 years old, couple having 7-year-old child move into in Himi-shi to example.

 Introduction of menu (control navigator)

Menu (control navigator) Explanation
Enlarge and reduce
We can perform expansion, reduction.
Panoramic list
We can move to point that we chose by choosing photograph of each point.
Automatic turn
We link to one of smartphone by choosing "automatic rotary on" when we displayed with smartphone, and screen comes to work.
Background music
Music only in Himi-shi plays. Please hear.
Screenful indication
As we can make menu non-indication, we can see virtual Government building guidance with big screen.

Introduction of map in Government building

Map Explanation
Map in agency
We express the present location with red in Government building map in screen top right corner and express part displaying with screen with sector. In addition, we can move to applicable point by clicking green part.


Virtual Government building guidance from this

 Virtual Government building guidance ThisWe open with the other window

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