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About conduct of no car motion with premium Friday

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Purpose of no car motion

It becomes nationwide problem you maintain, and how you secure local public transport.

At first the staff of city decided to practice no car exercise to review life that depended on car excessively in Motoichi, and to make opportunity when we used public transport and car properly well.

Summary of no car motion

The staff and approach contents which participate in no car motion

The staff going to work by means (car, foot, bicycle, pickup and drop-off) except public transport goes to work positively using public transport.

※The Mayor of forest participates, too※

The Mayor of forest attending office using route bus (the morning of June 30, 2017)

The Mayor of forest attending office by route bus

The Mayor of forest (the center) and front crossroads deputy mayor (the inside of car) who get off at "Himi Shiyakusho-mae" stop (the morning of June 30, 2017)

State of no car motion conduct

Conduct day of no car motion

Premium Friday (the every month last Friday others)

Effect that we can expect

  • Activation of local public transport
  • Breeding of the time of securing of local public transport maintenance
  • Health promotion by creation of walk opportunity
  • It is reduced overtime work for a long time
  • Relaxation of reduction and traffic jam of environmental load by decrease in car traffic
  • Awakening of consumption in level
  • Risk management of traffic accident

We can expect these effect when we use public transport and car properly well.

Does citizen's everybody not participate in no car motion, too?

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