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Express bus "liner to be heated" between Takaoka Wakura

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With "liner to be heated"

Express bus between Takaoka Wakura that Kaetsuno bus operates is limited express bus route of no appointment necessary that liner to be heated starts from the Takaoka station square and reaches Wakura Onsen in Nanao-shi via each site in Niitaka Oka Station, Himi. The Hokuriku Shinkansen merges Niitaka Oka Station at the time to arrive and depart, and we commute, and it runs 4 every day.

Wakura Onsen going straight bus "liner to be heated" (Kaetsuno bus homepage)We open with the other window

Liner logo mark to be heated

Why is the use of liner to be heated recommended?

(1) Connection with the Hokuriku Shinkansen is good

As for the liner to be heated, the Hokuriku Shinkansen merges Niitaka Oka Station at the time to arrive and depart and travels. Therefore it is easy to make plan and can spend time for trip significantly.

(2) Of relief is 4 roundtrip operations every day

Liner to be heated operates 4 roundtrips with the same diamond every day. It is available with plain diamond in peace.

(3) By limited express bus time significantly

Liner to be heated operates section of "Nanao station square" through noetsujidoshado from "to himi watch box street" and "Iwaido Onsen" from "Niitaka Oka Station". It links "in front of Wakura Onsen Hall" of terminal from "Takaoka station square" of the starting point in only one hour 45 minutes. From "Niitaka Oka Station" to "himi watch box street," we arrive how in 35 minutes.

In addition, long-distance ride is comfortable as there is little number of times to stop at stop.

We can leave big baggage at compartment.

(4) Fare is reasonable

In spite of line linking long distance at high speed, it is attractive that fare is reasonable. When we upgrade meal and plan of accommodation for saved transportation expenses and buy a lot one souvenir, flexibility of trip increases.

(5) Access to stop and sightseeing spot, accommodation place is good

Stop of liner to be heated is installed in point where the station square and general bus route are concentrated. To means of transportation of that purpose, etc. is easy to pass through, and is convenient for tour in each city. There is few and finishes trouble of transfer, too.

As stop is in guest house street, we can enjoy hot spring and meal right after getting off.

(6) We prepare for selectable plan with lunch

Advantageous plan that fare of liner to be heated and lunch rate, bathing rate in each site in guest house and Wakura Onsen of Himi Aonoura Onsen became all set is prepared for (minimum passenger count: two). You incorporate in one-way movement and accommodation trip, and, to convenience, please use let alone one-day round trip.

(7) Can you enjoy superb view of Himi?

Liner to be heated runs in kaikishisenen unpleasant sansai of Himi. Therefore, on good day of condition that it was fine, superb view can overlook "Tateyama mountain range over Toyama Bay". View that the mountains of 3,000m grade soar on the other side of the sea is one of the sceneries to globally very unusually want to see by all means when you come to Himi.

Usage of liner to be heated

  1. We put together at the time, and, as well as general route bus, please wait at stop to use liner to be heated. As reservation before ride is unnecessary, please use casually.
  2. Fare is advance payment. You have driver convey getting off stop at the time of bus ride, and please pay fare.
  3. As noetsujidoshado (local highly specified road) is included in service section, please wear seat belt after taking a seat after the ride.

Stop, the time, fare (Kaetsuno bus homepage) of "liner to be heated"We open with the other window

About "liner-free ticket free-to-ride for two days to be heated"

There is very advantageous ticket called "liner-free ticket becoming free-to-ride for two days to be heated". Please buy in Kaetsuno bus ticket center (inner Takaoka Station station building "kurun Takaoka") or sightseeing in Niitaka Oka Station interchange center (the Niitaka Oka Station yard).

In addition, you can purchase "heated liner free ticket" in convenience stores of the whole country. As for the instructions that we deal with the convenience store purchase, please see Kaetsuno bus homepage.

About ride with "Hokuriku triangle route ticket"

"Even Hokuriku triangle route ticket" which West Japan Railway Company. (JR WEST) releases can take liner to be heated.

In tour of both Toyama, Ishikawa, please use liner to be heated.

About "Hokuriku triangle route ticket" (JR WEST homepage)We open with the other window

Inquiry about the use of liner to be heated

Inquiry about service information, fare, the time, stop of liner to be heated

Kaetsuno bus Takaoka Office

Tel: 0766-22-4888

Inquiry about liner itinerary to be heated

kaetsunou tourist bureau

Tel: 0766-21-6980

About liner and relation with Motoichi to be heated

Liner to be heated is operated by Kaetsuno bus, but line finds, and, other than Kaetsuno bus, we are maintained by chargeout and plan by express bus line maintenance measures meeting between Takaoka Wakura to constitute in Himi-shi, Takaoka-shi, Nanao-shi, Toyama.

Why is security, maintenance of "liner to be heated" necessary?

In the west (Ishikawa side) of Noto Peninsula, wide area community transportation network including JR Nanao Line exists.

On the other hand, there is no wide area community transportation network that is directly connected to West Toyama and Noto Peninsula on the east side (Toyama side) where Motoichi is located. We can change route bus, but we are used, and knowledge, time is necessary.

However, we have interchange in jumping over ability (Hida + Ecchu + Noto) area mutually, and there are life base that is important in each area and attractive sightseeing spot.

Therefore we decided to operate liner to be heated taking the opportunity of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Niitaka Oka Station opening of business in express bus line maintenance measures meeting between Takaoka Wakura. Through inhabitants of Himi-shi, Takaoka-shi, Nanao-shi moving lively, we raise charm and vitality of jumping over ability area and, let alone securing convenience of visitors including tourist, aim at raising sustainability of jumping over ability area.

One ride leads to securing of maintenance of one line, and securing of maintenance of one line is connected in protecting area. To inhabitants and visitors, I would like the active use of liner to be heated.

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