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The town planning seminar "eruhimi future strange from 18 years old"

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On Saturday, June 4, 2016, we held the Himi-shi town planning seminar "eruhimi future strange from 18 years old" in Himi Iki-Iki Genki (Lively Good-health) Center.

We titled from researcher at Matsushita politics and economics private supplementary school politics and economics research institute Takehiko Nishino (nishinotakehiko) him saying it was in "democracy model that could participate in point of the 18 years old right to vote from education and town planning child who learned abroad", and approach of domestic and foreign citizen ships, sovereign education was introduced by lecture.

We titled saying "we design the future of Himi from the 18 years old right to vote" and we were divided into group and, in reference to lecture and the whole country, example of Himi-shi, talked about idea that oneself wanted to do in Himi and, in workshop which continued, announced best idea of each group.


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