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List of empty house information bank articles

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Article introduction of empty house information bank ThisWe open with the other window Please see this.  

 ※When it is emigrated in people of transference from the suburbs in Himi-shi using our empty house information bank, we may become a target of subsidy. For more details, please confirm this. (about various subsidies)We open with the other window

 ※About buying and selling, lease, please note that you have you negotiate with emigration applicant in article owners (manager) directly.   (about contract, negotiations, we recommend intermediation of real estate company for trouble evasion.)

 ※About article which "we are negotiating" is listed in, it is article that negotiations of buying and selling or lease are carried out now.   For more details, please refer.


 ●As for space store in the city, the information of space factory, please see this.    Space store, factory information bank (Himi-shi Chamber of Commerce and Industry)



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