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List of pages of library (the new order of arrival)

We issued news from library spring of 2018 issue [April 8, 2018]
News from library winter of 2018 issue
[Himi municipal library] News [March 30, 2018] of opening day of April, bookmobile schedule
It is the opening, bookmobile schedule of Himi municipal library April. We look forward to the use.
[Himi municipal library] We introduce new book which became available in February, 2018 [March 6, 2018]
[Himi municipal library] Guidance [December 1, 2017] new in 2017 in 10.11 month
[Himi municipal library] We display "folktale of Himi" picture-story show [December 1, 2017]
[Himi municipal library] Guidance [October 13, 2017] new in September, 2017
September, 2017 Himi municipal library new guidance
We issued news from library autumn of 2017 issue [October 8, 2017]
We issued library letter (autumn of 2017 issue)
We issued news from library summer of 2017 issue [July 18, 2017]
News from library summer of 2017 issue
Himi municipal library [February 1, 2017]
Library guidance [April 1, 2016]