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Sightseeing community improvement charge

List of pages in charge of sightseeing community improvement (the new order of arrival)

The sixth himiburi fair [November 22, 2017]
Town of Himi that yellowtail raising sounds, and is energized for plunge in full-scale yellowtail caught in the coldest season season. "himiburi fair" to thoroughly enjoy charm of king "yellowtail" of Toyama Bay of this winter begins on Friday, December 1.
Recruitment of the fourth sightseeing volunteer guide training private supplementary school private school students [December 28, 2016]
The fourth sightseeing volunteer guide training private supplementary school holding contents: The visit to a museum date and time: It is meeting place from half past 1 p.m. on Thursday, February 16, 2017: In front of Himi City museum
Summer event special feature [July 14, 2016]
Good luck, cooking recipe [April 1, 2016] of secret taste gottsuo chorisan
Quito Quito Himi food education workbook 1 [April 1, 2016]
Quito Quito Himi food education workbook 2 [April 1, 2016]
Absorption in Himi coloring the "meal capital" four seasons [April 1, 2016]
Recruitment of people of establishment of place in sightseeing in Himi-shi plan [April 1, 2016]
About application procedure of Himi-shi convention business promotion subsidy [April 1, 2016]
himi lion dance museum [April 1, 2016]
As there is the screening of introducing "lion dance theater", please see display such as humped-head goldfish and Tengu sides of tool to use for lion dance and lion dance of Himi by all means. In Others, we hold "lion dance demonstration party" by each district young people's association and lion dance preservation society appearance several times a year.
Mortar ka peak prospects rest station [April 1, 2016]
Nine lords Beach rest station [March 20, 2016]
Sightseeing in Himi-shi information center [March 20, 2016]
Recruitment of lion dance demonstration society appearance groups [March 4, 2016]