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Inspection, visit of the city hall

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New city hall where renovation made gymnasium of high school opened

 Duties in Himi-shi government office new Government building which we repaired gymnasia of former Ariso High School of Kurakawa, Himi-shi on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 and maintained started.

 It held urgent problem in disaster prevention side and service aspect including lack of of dispersion and parking space of Government building function with earthquake-resistant lack again old city hall Government building to be in inundation assumption level of tsunami.

 We choose epoch-making plan to be used by school unification, and to reuse gymnasium of lost high school as new Government building while we repeat "seismic strengthening or new construction" or many simulation,

We were able to solve three problems called disaster prevention, citizen service, financial bear at the same time.

 In addition, many mutters that we got through new city hall design workshops become function, design of new Government building and are kept alive.

Application for inspection, visit method of the new city hall

 1.Citizen's all of you (it applies in individuals)

 We carry out "guided tour" that the staff explains process of repair and new attempt, characteristic or how to use facility in object toward the citizen clearly and guides.

  Application is unnecessary. (we may not accept depending on the number of people.)

From conduct date and time once a day 2:00 p.m. (only on weekdays)

It is 60 minutes from approximately 30 minutes at guide time

Application before participation Buddhist memorial service is not necessary. Come to general guidance window at 2:00 p.m.

 2. All of groups

 We accept inspection from all of various groups of company, local public entity, school, area and guide based on request of inspection matter.

 Sorry for your inconvenience, but we fill out application of the lower page, and please submit and would like.

 Excuse me, but all of assemblies apply for the assembly secretariat (0766-74-8131).

Please list the date and time you like in application on the conduct date and time and would like.

Guide time approximately 60 minutes (provisionally) (only on weekdays)

Presentation of participation method application

 ※You want, and please note that you may not attach.

 In addition, I decline former application on account of the adjustment in schedule more than one month.


Virtual Government building guidance

Virtual Government building guidance is structure which simulated experience can make visit to Government building into on the Internet. We can look around the 360-degree Government building and can see invention and characteristic of the city hall.

Virtual Government building guidance ThisWe open with the other window


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