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About Himi station square community restroom

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Himi station square community restroom

 In the Himi station square placed as doorway of town, community restroom was completed with canopy (rain-cover facility), bicycle parking lot which imaged "watch box" used as rest station and work place of fisherman as "maintenance of doorway which felt fishing village culture". It is machinamiotsukurimasu with a feeling of unification on the basis of black of snow black tiled roof hahimi fishery interchange building "fish seat" and road station Himi, himi watch box streets of yellowtail which break, and have tile.


 It is for floor space 49.5 square meters men: It is for urinal 2 Western style toilet seat 2 women: Western style toilet seat 3 multi-purpose: Western style toilet seat 1

Inhabitants participation

 We reflect opinion from station user particularly women for design including citizen.

 Hand-washing with warm water function. Big large mirror. Spirited, clean interior. Lighting by sensor function.

Expression of quality of Himi

 Image of fisherman watch box which breaks snow of yellowtail, and has tile. Design which shows angle of black tiled roof. Use of materials from Himi.


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