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We held himi scenery private supplementary school - demystification town walk ...

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We read and solve scenery which the history and occupation formed

 Minato, Himi where it is old, and description is seen in The Heike Monogatari. We walked the south side of city area while learning the history of such Himi and constitution of town in demystification form and thought about scenery.

Mystery of town [PDF file /341 .74 kilobytes]

After having received mini-lecture of scenery from Mr. Eiko Fujimoto from reimokuzui*koshi, in new rest area of Asahiyama Park, wait for the history of Himi; is start by walk.

[mystery 1] It is Shichikencho side of Asahiyama called Mt. dara once. We cry towards person walking lower way from the mountain top with "dara" and cry back, and essay of person of Confucianism in the Edo era seems to remain in Himi when there are interesting people.

Mt. dara

[mystery 2] It was city area where had complicated way which could not keep on cooking, but approximately 1,600 were destroyed by fire by big fire in 1938, and it was in burnt field to prevent catching fire from next door. Because there was city planning considered accidentally, orderly road was touched and seemed to have quick revival realized. Green belt road of Minatogawa both sides was made on this occasion as walk road of place of refuge, time of peace at the time of disaster, too.

[mystery 3] Himi nomachinakadeyokumikakeru "comes of state" (narrow lattice). It seemed to be housing part which was effective for the ventilation, lighting, crime prevention.


[mystery 4] Snow percent tile of black yellowtail used for the station square. We took model out of tile used for fishing implements warehouse of woman excellent fishing port to express fishing village culture of Himi and were reappeared.

Snow percent tile of yellowtail

[mysterious 5.6] Minatogawa characterizing scenery of the Himi city area south side. We were used for water transportation once. It is almost twisted in right angle in turning point with Busshoji River (Shinkawa dug newly in the Meiji era) and two places of the river mouth. At Busshoji River, we turned for huge rock in basement of nearby old Iwagami (we do not say) village (origin of Iwagami village) and seemed to turn at the river mouth by having joined former branch trace (in local one that originally river flowed called Motokawa) of upper Shogawa.

[mystery 7] Rush cultivated in substitution for rice flourishingly in Busshoji district was special product of Himi as materials which carried artefact of materials and sardine of mat. The contents of storehouse which was Himi Bank warehouse seemed to be rush and straw products once. Origin of Goza-cho is that a lot of craftsmen of mat lived.


Upper day temple which does not seem to be sure, but is said to have been before approximately 700 years. Colored leaves were beautiful. There is fanwise-topknot hairstyle which is natural monument of country designation.

Upper day temple

We can look at the arrangement of houses of lining black tile in slopes from temple this side to Himi High School on upper day. We saw Mount Futagami in the distance, too.

Town of black tile is ordinary

We came back to rest area and announced place and impression that were interested in participant, and lecturer gave comment to.

It falls and returns

 From impression of person who participated

・Episode called Mt. dara was interesting

・Roof regular became greatly gradually real and felt that it was granted by Asahiyama dynamically

・You should not make outstanding big building surface with view from Asahiyama

・We think that you should be able to feel like waiting on various angles and themes, and there being.

・Town which mountain and the sea can go around on foot soon

・We want to make a tour of houses of godown style that crab which is town remains

・We want more people who were good opportunity to know the history of town to know

・We cannot find by nostalgic signboard and public telephone, car which consider that we walk, and are pickled

From comment of lecturer

・There was opinion to be easy to be found to have signature, but signature plan is important at all to wait

・It is opinion worried about electric wire, but should consider as there comes to be the underground of telephone pole recently even if becoming is shallow

・We do not make big aspect (important scale that fitted each town)

・We convey black tile and local color

・You should make flow to utilize a certain thing

・You decide theme and, like visiting 13 places of houses of godown style, should spread in walk, plain story


 As you want to walk around the city area north side in the next fiscal year, please participate!

 Downloading of himiiro calendar is this

 We made calendar last year using "himiiro 12 colors" which we chose in nohimi color scenery private supplementary school. You print at favorite size, and please use.

himiiro calendar [PDF file /3 .59 megabytes]


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