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"Way of himi cold" fishery information (2017)

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2017 "way of himi cold" fishery information

The unloading number on today (January 19)

It is 187.

As for the count information until today, please see this PDF.

"Way of himi cold" fish catches [PDF file /60 .46 kilobytes]

Declaration that it is the himi cold season since then

"It was the himi cold season since then", and, on December 2, start declaration was carried out!
※"It is the himi cold season since then" and performs initiation and termination declaration after having judged model, size, amount of yellowtail that judgment Committee (composed of ten representatives of producer, broker, fishermen's cooperative association which Himi fish brand measures meeting organizes) is unloaded generally.

With start declaration, we update everyday fishery information on this the first floor of the Government building lobby and Himi-shi homepage (this page). (but shut agency day is excluded.)

In addition, we offer information on Himi fishermen's cooperative association and Himi-shi tourist association homepage.


(related link)  Himi fishermen's cooperative associationWe open with the other window   Himi-shi tourist associationWe open with the other window

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