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The sea breeze gallery are display permutations under the theme of "black humor, scary thing"

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kaesa ttekita seerusuman

From July 12, 2018 to July 12, 2018

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In Himi-shi sea breeze gallery (Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ art collection), we feature the theme of "black humor, scary thing" and perform permutation of some works. Please enjoy unique view of the world that the good back freezes in summer.

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From Thursday, July 12, 2018 10:00 (normal opening time)

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Some permutations of display section on the first floor
Under the theme of "black humor, scary thing," we replace around 30 points of reproduction original pictures and send charm of Fujiko Ⓐ work more. (as for the last permutation October, 2017)
(e.g.,: black humor masterpieces such as "kaesa ttekita seerusuman" or "black shokaihenkiro")
※As, with this permutation, cannot see a part of the current display work after Thursday, July 12, as for this without passing over.


Black shokaihenkiro

"Black shokaihenkiro"

ⒸFujiko studio

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