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About the 151st Himi-shi recycling plaza reform product display sale (from 21 to 23 on November)

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From November 21, 2016 to November 23, 2016

About event

  Of the 151st Himi-shi recycling plaza reform product about displaying and selling

   We remodel article which had everybody becomes needless in recycling plaza and bring in and sell.

   After displaying sales price, and having displayed for around one month, we draw lots toward the purchase hope and sell reform product.

   Reform product displaying is street of list shown below now.

   If there is article which we want to purchase, please apply after checking direct article in recycling plaza.

   From 1 display period Thursday, October 20 to Wednesday, November 23

   2 lotteries day    Thursday, November 24

   From 3 taking care of period Thursday, November 24 to Wednesday, December 7

    In addition, we will tell elected person by mail by lottery.

     << reference >> 25, Shinbo, Himi-shi Himi-shi recycling plaza telephone 76-8020

            Recycling plaza is opened until Monday through Friday on weekdays.


List of reform product display sale articles  
Commodity description Amount of money (Japanese yen)
Sideboard (1)   500
Sideboard (2)   1,500
Semi-double bed   2,000
Single bed   500
Small vase (Kutani chinaware)   400
Cushion (ten pieces of sets)   1,200
Rearranging chest   2,000
Closet chest (three steps of two lines)   500
Desk (with Your Servant storing, chair)   900
PC desk   600
Wooden pot stand   600
Brazier   300
Vase   300
Vase (Kutani chinaware)   500
Tea-things (Kutani chinaware)   400
Bottle and cup set (Kutani chinaware)   500
Tea-things   300
Soup bowl set   300
Frying pan   200
Enamel pan   200

   ※There is a few, but, as well as upper list, come casually as you prepare article to display and sell.

Holding place

25, Shinbo, Himi-shi Himi-shi recycling plaza

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