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About Himi-shi recycling plaza reform product display sale

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About Himi-shi recycling plaza reform product display sale

 We remodel article which had everybody becomes needless in recycling plaza and bring in and sell.

 After displaying sales price, and having displayed for around one month, we draw lots toward the purchase hope and sell reform product.

 Reform product which we are displaying now, The 158th recycling sale article [PDF file /69 .28 kilobytes]  Please refer to this.

 If there is article which we want to purchase, please apply after checking direct article in recycling plaza.

 From 1 application period Monday, December 18 to Tuesday, January 23

 2 lotteries day Wednesday, January 24

 From 3 taking care of period Wednesday, January 24 to Wednesday, February 7

 In addition, we will tell elected person by mail by lottery.


Contact information

  Himi-shi recycling plazaWe open with the other window  Telephone 0766-76-8020

 Recycling plaza is opened until Monday through Friday on weekdays.

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[ Recycling promotion charge ]
〒935-8686 1060, Kurakawa, Himi-shi, Toyama Tel: 0766 (74) 8065 Fax: 0766(74)8104 Contact

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