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We extend furtherance period of influenza vaccination

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In Himi-shi, we extend furtherance period of vaccination in consideration of supply situation of influenza vaccine of this winter.

Period, object, place

1 period

We extend until Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2 objects

Person who there is address in the city as of inoculation day, and fulfills next (1) or (2)

(1)As of inoculation day, is 65 years old or more, the date of birth person (the date of birth excludes about person after December 26, 1952) until December 25, 1952

(2)Person (certificate of the physically disabled first grade equivalency) that function of heart, kidney or respiratory organs or function due to human immunodeficiency virus of immunity is defective with under 65 years old 60 years old or older as of December 25, 2017

*About subject, there is no change with before to extend during period.

3 places

City designation medical institution

*You are hospitalized and enter medical institutions of the suburbs, and please refer to healthy section for person in hope of inoculation in the facility.

4 individual burdens iron

1,500 yen

5 Others

・Please receive inoculation after making a reservation with medical institution.

・When you receive inoculation, take health insurance card by all means.


Healthy charging talk 74-8062

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