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About some furtherance of influenza vaccination of elderly person

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Season of influenza approached.

For around two weeks, duration of effect, it is said to be approximately five months before effect appears after being vaccinated.

Let's be vaccinated early to raise the effectiveness of vaccination.


Person who corresponds to (1) with address or (2) in the city as of inoculation day

(1)Person (certificate of the physically disabled first grade equivalency) that function failure of heart, kidney, respiratory organs, function due to human immunodeficiency virus of immunity are defective with under 65 years old person (2) 60 years old 65 years or older or older

Inoculation period

It is Thursday, December 22 from Tuesday, November 1

Inoculation place

City designation medical institution (according to the separate table)

※You are hospitalized and enter medical institutions of the suburbs, and please refer to healthy section for person in hope of inoculation in the facility.

Personal burden iron

1,500 yen

Instructions of Others

・Please be vaccinated after making a reservation with designated medical institution.

・When you receive inoculation, take health insurance card by all means.

●Reference health charging talk 74-8062

 City designation medical institution

Medical institution name The location Phone number
Texture slope physician's office 1, Iseoomachi 72-6206
Kashima pediatric clinic Kano 72-1557
Dr. Kato's office Kitaomachi 72-0608
Kanazawa Medical University Himi Municipal Hospital Kurakawa 74-1900
Kawai physician's office Chuoucho 74-5178
Kume medical office Furezaka 76-1088
*buiin Saiwaicho 72-0118
Shimao physician's office Ao 72-0622
Shiraishi orthopedics Clinic Yanagita 91-5355
Dr. orthopedics Ito's office kubo 91-0220
Takagi physician's office Ono 72-8686
Takashima clinic Marunouchi 72-0834
teranishi otolaryngology clinic Honcho 73-8080
Nakamura Memorial Hospital Shimao 91-1307
New saddle pediatric clinic Minamiomachi 72-3830
Dr. Nishino's office kubo 91-7500
Hirose surgery Honcho 74-2600
Fukuda physician's office Marunouchi 72-5610
Fortune old hall clinic Hotta 91-7720
Hometown Hospital Kurakawa 74-7061
Original bridge dermatology Clinic Marunouchi 72-0570
Matsui internal medicine clinic 2, Iseoomachi 72-0074
Yamagishi pediatric clinic Asahihonmachi 74-0258
Positive sum hot spring Hospital Hotta 91-2751

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