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Happy email [March, 2015]

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himi child care happy email 
<February 25, 2015 delivery> 
Issuance: Himi-shi area child care center 
It is season when it is sad and is uneasy in spring though we are glad. Do you not do words cliff that child ahead of entrance can rush growth? Feeling of child is same as family, too. We take a deep breath and have a space in feeling, and let's keep in mind for the making of forward atmosphere that performed close-up of expectation and joy. Person who is not going to enter a kindergarten will enjoy admission celebration meeting week of the end of the month together.

◆News toward daddy private supplementary school registration◆
[way of Himi and others ... daddy private supplementary school fourth tanizono family concert] ☆Under reservation reception desk where there is chattering cafe for companion possible mom of daddy (grandfather) and child mom of "2014 daddy registration" finished before admission in - object at 10:00 on Sunday for 15 days
In addition, current daddy point becomes re-registration from April in time limit on the end of March.

◆―◆Event of March◆―◆
★=No appointment necessary ☆=It is given priority to child at window resident in the reservation reception desk city from reservation required, Monday, March 2 
[Doll's Festival society] ★Appreciation and tea-ceremony room (by lottery with mini-day care) lecturer of dance changed to Nishikawa fan Expo leaf (Ono setsu child) him on ... day at 10:30 on Monday on 2nd.
[Consultation on all childcare matters] ★Psychology counselor (Junko Hashimoto), obstetrical teacher, health nurse, personal counseling including dietician are possible for from 13:30 to 15:00 on Tuesday for three days ※Only counselor requires reservation
[lecture of heart and meal] ★11th Wednesday 10:30 - dietician Michiko Asano
[drawing lecture of heart] ★13th Friday 10:30 - clinical art person Chiyoko Goto
[parent and child exercises] ★16th Monday 10:30 - Japan 3B turnverein Tomoko Sakashita 
[happy English] "Easter party" ★There is souvenir from association of Tuesday 10:30 - brook Jane international exchange for 17 days
[refresh yoga] ★We watch, and day care is working under - yoga therapist Megumi Taniuchi at 15:00 on Wednesday for 18 days
[admission celebration meeting] ★There is present for - request meet admission planned child twice every day for conduct from 10:30 to 15:00 on Friday for from Monday to 27th for 23 days

◆―◆tsukushimbo classroom (age-specific classroom), opening garden◆―◆
All from March to April are all absent

◆―◆District circle of March◆―◆
★All no appointment necessary. Let's participate in district and district of the parents' house of daddy mom living in. We take one of pregnant woman. << parenthesis >> → Venue * → Support of related organizations  
◆Asahigaoka acorn salon [1] 10th Tuesday lunch tasting party, contact play << in Minamiomachi nursery school >> [2] 17th Tuesday with children ※Week change gambling, admission celebration meeting << in Kamiise nursery school >>
◆From business trip teatime * kaiseihoikuennai kafeakkato for Unami pawa - kids 12 days for Thursday story-telling and adults
◆Kamisho toddlingly from open space 19th Thursday admission celebration meeting * area child care center
◆Talk leisurely Tuesday on 12 junchokizzu 10th; in business trip teatime in time for & adults from * kaiseihoikuennai kafeakkato 
◆We take a rest in Kano kurakawa mil key March
◆Ao thicket field Yatsushiro worth one kids 12th Thursday ※Week change admission celebration meeting << in Ao nursery school >>
◆Kume kumekumekurabu 4th Wednesday ※Week, day change admission celebration meeting
◆From business trip teatime * kaiseihoikuennai kafeakkato for little higashi 11 days than Wednesday admission celebration meeting * area child care center for & adults
◆From home delivery of cooked foods * area child care center of woman excellent woman excellent tsu child open space petit 26th Thursday childcare
◆Infant food requires reservation << in kubokominkan >> easily than menu lecture * Himi-shi health section on Friday for kubo kuboyochiyochi club 13 days, to Tokai (090-9769-3020)
◆Inazumi koume kids 13th Friday ※Fun society and admission celebration meeting << Yokawa Valley agriculture training building: the JA Inazumi branch depths >> of venue change Sayama
◆From meeting of Miyata Miyata monchitchi open space 20th Friday ningyogeki * Izumi & admission celebration meeting
◆From Kojiro Kojiro sumairu kids 19th Thursday admission celebration meeting * area child care center
◆We make hina dolls on Tuesday on Meiwa meiwayanchazu 3rd 

Issuance: Himi-shi area child care center
〒935-0011 12-21, Chuomachi, Himi-shi, Toyama
TEL 0766-74-8453 (only as for the PC)

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