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Happy email [for March 30, 2015 delivery]

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himi child care happy email 
<March 30, 2015 delivery> 
Issuance: Himi-shi area child care center 
◆News of local child care center◆
Child who does not enter nursery school and kindergarten from April, please file for re-registration after April 1. In addition, we renew name card, and color changes by promotion. Please report to the staff.

◆himi intellect tsu tokujoho ◆(new corner for person whom we know Himi more and want to come to like)
♪As it was said with "expression to be pleased with growth of child", but may be used for email of dialect [is scared, and bloom] 25th delivery of Himi in "impertinent" toiu meaning; being careful….

♪Flower [cherry tree] Minatogawa beriya Asahiyama Park of Himi is famous. Cherry tree open space in the contact sports center is recommended to child of toddlerhood.

♪We carry out regardless of day on festival [gongommatsuri] April 17 of Himi, 18th (Friday and Saturday)
It is origin that praying for rain for Dainichi gloss accomplishes in the early period of Edo era, and farmer claps bell of temple on upper day and is pleased, and celebrated. As spring night is cold, do warmly in lively night stall; and outing.

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