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Happy email [November, 2015]

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himi child care happy email 
<October 25, 2015 delivery> 
Issuance: Himi-shi area child care center 
Morning and evening and change of temperature in the daytime grow big, and physical condition management is great season. You put on the best and cardigan in the room and take off and you regulate clothing diligently and should be able to spend well. Of physical condition while is good, let's receive vaccination in each schedule.
By the way, facilities targeted for daddy private supplementary school increased. (detailed existence) is accepting daddy registration at any time.

◆―◆Event of November◆―◆
★=No appointment necessary ☆=From reservation required November 2 at window
[lecture of heart and family] ★From 5th Thursday 15:00 - Himi-shi child care support section
[business trip to himi laboratory Zoo all-stars] ★- Himi Board of Education curator Korean lawn grass goat, mini-pig, rabbit, tortoises assemble in full force at 10:00 on Monday on 9th ※Postponement in case of rain till the first fine day
[Consultation on all childcare matters] ★Psychology counselor (Junko Hashimoto), obstetrical teacher, health nurse, personal counseling including dietician are possible for from 13:30 to 15:00 on Tuesday for ten days ※Only counselor requires reservation 
[lecture of heart and words] ★Friday 10:30 - Toyama home training adviser Emiko Hoshiba personal counseling is possible for 13 days
[happy Bira Thijs] ★We watch, and day care is working under instructor - BASI Bira Thijs Hiroko Seto at 15:00 on Wednesday for 18 days
[tooth ppii consultation] ★Dentist, health nurse personal counseling are possible for from 14:30 to 15:30 on Thursday for 19 days
[1 - play ... in way of Himi and others ... daddy private supplementary school special curtain time] ★We introduce suggestion and practical skill of play for ... daddies at 15:00 on Sunday on 22nd. Daddy point 2 non-registration can participate, too.
[happy English] ★24th Tuesday 15:00 - brook Jane

◆News of event change of the end of October◆
In ... happy English "harrow in party," lecturer was changed at half past 10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 27. There is the furtherance (present) from association of international exchange. We take participation with pleasant costume.

◆―◆tsukushimbo classroom (age-specific classroom) ◆―◆
☆It is given priority to child at window resident in the reservation reception desk city from reservation required November 2 
Blue (born in 2012) 12th Thursday 10:00 ... "Quito Quito child rice"
Red (born in 2013) 16th Monday 10:00 ... "parent and child craft"
Momo (is born in 2014) 27th Friday 10:00 ... "petit, how about yes??"
Yellow (child-limited born in from April, 2015 to June) 25th Wednesday 14:00 ... "6-month gathering" 

◆―◆Opening garden of November◆―◆
Kamiise (child care open space), Maya are green on Wednesday for four days
11th Wednesday Ao (child care open space), Kamisho, kaisei, asokanasari, asoka kindergarten
12 18th Wednesday, Meiwa, Minamiomachi (child care open space), himi center child building
25th Wednesday Shinmachi, Unami

◆Way of Himi and others ... daddy private supplementary school◆
Facility targeted for the use was added. We are accepting member registration at any time (all city child care support facilities: friend salon of Maya child care support center, parent and child already river quickly and healthily salon shiningly kids salon, dandelion salon, Chu, Chu circle, good friend & sumairu). The details to the staff of each facility.

◆himi intellect tsu tokujoho◆
♪Separately from brothers of dialect [uncle aunt] parents of Himi, it is the second son, the second daughter. As pronunciation is the same, we judge in the exchanges of words. Add "unnecessary implication" after the second son; with "chip of wood uncle." But we seemed to bring up with "koppahozukawai" (dear so as to be the youngest child). On the other hand, in old days that the eldest son was called "massage" in particular, and were having many children, as for the part of Tengu of lion dance, seemed to massage-limited. In now of declining birthrate, ojiko enlivens hometown in the part of Tengu, too.
♪Chinese cabbage is outstanding performance on pickle nito, winter dining table in miso soup in soup in ingredients [Chinese cabbage] of Himi pan. When we serve from Mizutaki of adult and pan and remake for children in light seasoning and we boil and squeeze and toss and get, let's fully use for infant food to baby food. If we are teething and become able to chew crisply, we carve finely, and how about salad with dressing, too?

◆―◆District circle of November◆―◆
★All no appointment necessary. Let's participate in district and district of the parents' house of daddy mom living in. We take one of pregnant woman. << parenthesis >> → Venue * → Support of related organizations  
◆It is apple picking rimachinaka salon meeting about Tuesday infectious disease from * Takaoka public welfare center Himi branch << in Minamiomachi nursery school >> [2] on Tuesday for 24 days for Asahigaoka acorn salon [1] ten days
◆From home delivery of cooked foods * Maya child care support center of Unami pawa - kids 12th Thursday childcare
◆Kamisho teacher santooshaberishiyo * obstetrical teacher Hiroko Omori red feather community chest furtherance business toddlingly obstetrical for open space 19 days on Thursday
◆It is menu lecture << in 13 public halls >> * health section others infant food easily on Tuesday for 12 junchokizzu ten days
◆From Kano kurakawa mil key 24th Tuesday parent and child contact play * Maya child care support center
◆It is red feather community chest furtherance business from business trip group planting lecture * beach botanical garden << in Ao community center >> on Thursday for Ao thicket field Yatsushiro worth one kids 26 days
◆From home delivery of cooked foods * area child care center of Kume kumekumekurabu 20th Friday childcare
◆TOLI torr higashi 10th Tuesday ※Week change sweet potato, taro, harvest of peanuts << in Ikeda-cho public hall >>
◆It is menu lecture * health section others infant food easily on Thursday for woman excellent woman excellent tsu child open space petit 26 days
◆kubo kuboyochiyochi club 13th Friday parent and child exercises * Junko Azuma << in kaiseihoikuen >>
◆It is menu lecture * health section others infant food easily on Friday for Inazumi koume kids 13 days
◆From home delivery of cooked foods Part2 * Maya child care support center of Miyata Miyata monchitchi open space 20th Friday minnadeasobo childcare & handicraft snacks
◆It is menu lecture * health section others infant food easily on Thursday for Kojiro Kojiro sumairu kids 19 days 
◆Meiwa meiwayanchazu 4th Wednesday ※Day change infant meal easily menu lecture * health section others << in Kumanashi public hall >>  

Issuance: Himi-shi area child care center
〒935-00119 12-21, Chuomachi, Himi-shi, Toyama
TEL 0766-74-8453 (only as for the PC)

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