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Himi-shi area child care center

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 Please use Himi-shi area child care center!


Family bus excursion

   Himi-shi area child care center is facility where child and the protector who have not entered nursery school and kindergarten yet are available. The gentle staff supports child care with every effort! Come with child casually.

    ・Child who is higher than children, please use the second-floor child building regardless of age
   ・In city outside of floor can use 
   ・Please refrain from cold and infectious disease
   ・It is 16:30 from 13:00 at 12:00 from 9:00 at use time
   ・Taking a rest is only first 3.5 Sundays and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
   ・I do not need reservation and use charges   

       ※Actual expenses burden and advance reservations may be necessary depending on event. In addition, there is event given priority to child resident in the city.

   ◆Happy curtain time (every day from 10:30 from 15:00 each approximately 30 minutes) 
    Contact play and toy with child
    Panel theater and picture-story show 
    Rhythm play and dance 
    News of child care information
    "Meddlesome lecture" to be useful for child care life a little
    Simple "origami lectures"   

            In large floor where the sun pours into…
             At first let's talk together…
               Please let know thing and being anxious, anything embarrassing…
                We wait for everybody for all possible measures by security and hygiene!  

   ◆Way of Himi and others ... daddy private supplementary school

   Daddy holds child care lecture "way of Himi and others ... daddy private supplementary school" of the leading role,

   We support daddies participating in child care

   For more details

Daddy private supplementary school flyer [PDF file /810 .56 kilobytes]

Please see this  

 Attached file

 Letter "chikodayori" of this month

chikodayori [PDF file /1 .15 megabytes]
The chikodayori back [PDF file /1 .12 megabytes]

What kind of place is local child care center?

For more details This Please see this. 

Let's talk with member of user support specialty

In every day of child care, have you not thought that you wanted to ask somebody or wanted to know available service?

We introduce necessary child care service to such you now and give information by custom tailoring, and there is member of specialty putting through to related organizations.

For more details

User support project brochure [PDF file /417 .29 kilobytes]

Please see this.

List of annual child care lecture support circles

Annual child care lecture

For more details This Please see this. 

District child care circle independence circle

For more details This Please see this.

At-home child support facility (private institution) of Himi-shi of Others

 For more details This Please see this.


12-21, Chuomachi, Himi-shi, Toyama

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〒935-0011 12-21, Chuomachi, Himi-shi, Toyama Tel: 0766(30)7202 Contact

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