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We are careful about fraud that took advantage of my number system!

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 From October, 2015 in Japan for all people with resident's card,
 We send notice card of my number sequentially.
With introduction of my number system, fraud damage that took advantage of it occurs. Please be careful.


 [example 1]


 We said, "we are investigating personal information with introduction of my number system", and man visited and was asked about the contract situation of assets and insurance. Administration really conducting such an investigation.








 [example 2]
 There was telephone with "my number arrived sequentially and was doing all procedure, but did you file?" from young man. It was said to be and thought, "it may become detective problem when we did not file early" questioningly when we replied, "we are not doing yet".





 ●The staff of country and the local government composes family of notice or use procedure of my number,
We  may not hear the situation of assets and pension, insurance.

 Suspicious call cuts immediately, and please decline even if there is proposal of visit.
Let's ignore suspicious email.

 ●It will prevent determining even if money is required and from paying by any chance.



 If even <some feel uneasiness, let's talk with the following window.>

 ・Himi-shi consumer life consultation desk ... 74-8010

 ・Himi police station ... 91-0110

 ・My number synthesis toll free number (free) ... 0120-95-0178


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