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Social security, tax number system (my number system)

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 With my number system

In May, 2013 "law (the number method is established popular name, and social security, tax number system (as follows my number system) will be introduced.about the use of number to distinguish authorized individual in administrative procedure

My number system refers number of one one toward all having resident's card and manages information effectively in social security, tax, field of anti-disaster measures and is utilized to confirm that personal information to exist to plural engines is the same information.

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 Effect of my number system

 ・We come to be able to perform appropriate payment and careful support to become easy to grasp the receipt situation of income and other administrative services.

 ・We become able to omit attachment of documents such as necessary resident's card or income certificate at the time of application.

 ・We come to be able to perform duties and procedure in administration smoothly more exactly.

 Future main schedule



 October, 2015

  12 columns of my numbers (personal number) are notified all citizen's all of you having resident's card of.

 January, 2016

  My number is used by social security, tax, administrative procedure of anti-disaster measures.

  "Personal number card" (chip card with photograph of the face) is issued to applicant by application.

 Notice card and personal number card

  "Notice card" is sent to address place of resident's card to tell about my number from October, 2015.

  In addition, after January, 2016, "personal number card" with photograph of the face which my number was listed in to applicant is issued.

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 About measures of protection of personal data

 We take protection measures from both sides of system side and system side to protect personal information in my number system.

 Protection measures in 1 system side

   ・Collection, storage of personal information (personal information to include my number in the contents) specific except thing by rule of the number method, making of specific personal information file

 Prohibition (number method Article 20, Article 28)

   ・Monitoring, supervision (from number method Article 50 Article 52) by specific protection of personal data Committee

   ・Conduct (number method Article 26, Article 27) of specific protection of personal data evaluation

   ・Reinforcement (from number method Article 67 Article 77) of penal regulations

   ・Confirmation (number method enforcement additional clause Article 6 Clause 5) of record such as reporting by mainapotaru

 Protection measures in 2 systems side

   ・We carry out decentralized management without managing personal information unitarily

   ・We carry out information cooperation using mark without using personal number directly

   ・Limit, management of person who can access is carried out by access control

   ・We carry out coding of communication

 About specific protection of personal data evaluation

  Specific protection of personal data evaluation analyzes risks such as leaks of identification personal information after having predicted influence to give right profit such as personal privacy when local public entity handles specific personal information file including my number in the contents and declares that we take appropriate measures to reduce such a risk.

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