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Postal request such as copies of family register proof, resident's card

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When we cannot go to city hall directly, we can request copies of family register proof and resident's card by mail. 


We have you send

1 bill

Please fill in address, full name, phone number to get communication at the daytime on weekdays, necessary certificate (whether permanent domicile or address, full name, whose what are necessary) and tsusuu.

Style of attached file You print this and can use.

※When third party requests, attachment of entry and excuse documents of purpose of use, presentation is necessary.

2 person confirmation documents

Please make copy to know full name, address, the expiration date with driver's license, health insurance card.

※We handle notice card for person confirmation documents and cannot do it.

3 fees

We can send in ordinary mail when you use "fixed-amount money order" of Japan Post Bank, post office "ordinary money order".

In the case of cash, please send in money sent by registered mail.

As change is not paid, please prepare.

But you request family registers from birth to the death for the inheritance, and please send with amount of money that it is expected when the number of the authorities of kind shop is unidentified. I give back fixed amount money order that I did not use. When there is lack, you contact on the telephone, and please send by addition.

※We handle stamp and revenue stamp and cannot do it.

 Fee in Himi-shi

Kind Fee
All the family registers matter proof (certified copy), personal matter proof (abridgment) 450 yen
All the removal from a register matter proof (certified copy), personal matter proof (abridgment) 750 yen
aratameseiharakoseki*hon, abridgment 750 yen
Tag of family register 300 yen
Identification 300 yen
Copy of resident's card 300 yen

※When you request any place other than Himi-shi, please refer to municipality of request.

※We do not handle certification of a seal impression by mail. Toyama wide area window service (seal registration document is necessary.), Convenience store grant service Please use (my number card is necessary.). 

4 self-addressed envelopes

 You fill in destination with address and full name listed in person confirmation documents, and please put stamp.

 In the case of special delivery hope, you put stamp of amount of money that increased special delivery charge, and please draw red line in one on envelope.

 Letter pack is available, too.

 5 Others

 Attachment of documents that one and relations with target one to demand understand may be necessary.



〒 935-8686 1060, Kurakawa, Himi-shi, Toyama Himi City Hall Community Services Division expectation

(we can omit address.) 

※Receptionist by E-mail and fax does not go.


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