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Toyama wide area window service (family register and resident's card are received in from municipalities government office of the prefecture of any place)

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When person making resident registration in A city in Toyama works in B town in Toyama, we show documents which can prove social position including driver's license at window of B town office and are service that can receive grants such as copying of resident's card.

 Available service

 Certificate that grant is received  Copy of resident's card (current thing) Seal certificate of enrolment
Identification card
 koseki*, abridgment (current thing)
 Copying (current thing) of tag of family register
 Person who can request  The person or person of the same household  Only as for the person  The person or person of the same family register
 Necessary thing
  • Seal
  • We can prove social position

(driver's license, passport, identification card, health insurance card, rente (notebook), pension certificate with photograph of the face of public office issuance, identification of geriatric medicine recipient, certificate of the physically disabled, basic resident register card)

 ※Seal registration document (when it is not registration document system, please bring registration seal) which each municipality issues when seal certificate of enrolment is necessary

 Request method Note, please request matter necessary for "grant request, application for Toyama wide area window service" from window in one which seals, and shows social position thing which can prove containing
 The reception desk date and time

Monday through Friday

(on Saturday and Sunday, holiday, it is excluded from December 29 to January 3)

From 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

 Fee It becomes amount of money based on the fee regulations of the municipalities of the address ground, permanent address


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