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Person confirmation documents

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When we acquire various certificates such as report of inhabitants transfer and resident's card, family registers such as transference, transference, tax proof, the person of which window comes over to confirms.

Person to come over to window take person confirmation documents (thing in validity).

Person confirmation documents with photograph which public office issued

 1 driver's license
 2 passports
 3 seaman's pocket ledgers
 4 certificates of competency in seamanship
 5 small size ship operation driver's licenses
 6 electricity construction person driver's license
 7 radio worker driver's licenses
 8 certificates of the physically disabled
 9 residence cards
 10 individual number cards (my number card)
 Identification cards (there is photograph) which organization of 11 countries, local public entity issued


Person confirmation documents which need the plural presentation

From next (1) and (2), please show one or more each.

The presentation (as for the copy, impossible) of the all original

※(1) It is identified two from each (2) in this by by one or (1). Two are not accepted by (2)

 (1) Person confirmation documents without photograph which public office issued

 1 health insurance card (National Health Insurance, social insurance, latter term advanced age, construction National Health Insurance)   
 2 sailor health insurance cards
 Identification of person insured of 3 Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance
 4 mutual aid union cards
 5 National Pension notebooks
 Rente (National Pension, welfare annuity, seamen's insurance) of 6 public pension plan
 Paper of 7 mutual pensions or pension
 8 basic resident register cards (there is no photograph)

(2) Documents which Others, the name of the person can identify

 1 student identification card (there is photograph)
 Identification cards (there is photograph) which 2 corporations issued


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