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About global assessment method

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About global assessment method

 Background of 1 global assessment method introduction
  "Law (hinkakuho) about promotion of securing of quality of public construction" was enforced on April 1, 2005. In "basic idea of this "hinkakuho" Article 3," it is prescribed saying "quality of public construction must be found by contract of contents which were superior in price and quality generally being done while considering (omission), economy". We try from October, 2006 and, in prefecture, carry out, and, based on trend of country, prefecture, Motoichi tries bid by "global assessment method" from December 1, 2007, too.

 With 2 global assessment methods
 We estimate "element (technology) except price" as "price" generally and are new bid, contract system to select successful bidder. Bidding price does successful bidder by global assessment method with the highest person of evaluation level demanded by the next method among people in planned price.

 Evaluation level = technology assessment point ÷ bidding price = (standard point + technique addition point) ÷ bidding price
  Standard point: We give demand requirements 100 points about technical suggestion to be satisfied with to a minimum.
  Technical addition point: We give technical suggestion addition point based on end-point and evaluation standard.

 Construction that is targeted for 3 trials
  Among construction with less than more than 20 million yen and 100 million yen in design amount of money, what we integrate bidding price and technical element (technical suggestion) which company has and evaluate does with holding good and admitted construction. Of these, for Motoichi, koshu tries notice of tender notice and nomination about construction to perform by public works (including sewer work) and building works (in each construction, standard, simple thing and class construct object of A rank supplier) for the time being. We state clearly with global assessment method in general public bidding notification with condition of construction to intend for or designated competitive bidding letter of advice.

 4 end-point and evaluation standard
  They follow "simple model B type" in prefecture, but end-point and evaluation standard become Himi-shi original thing.

 5 presentation documents (technical suggestion document)
  Please mail technical suggestion document (technical data application, global assessment method style first and the second issue) separately from bid book by day to appoint in notification of general public bidding with condition or designated competitive bidding letter of advice. Regardless of bit system, it deals with bid that supplier without presentation of this document did as bid of invalidity. (style first "bid participation application" in general public bidding with * condition is necessary as before.)

 Decision of 6 successful bidders
  We decide successful bid (candidate) person after having done global assessment and subsequent examination as it is global assessment method even if it is general public bidding with condition, either designated competitive bidding case. We may need for decision from 2 more on 3rd to examine other items in the case of general public bidding with condition.

 Correspondence when we were less than 7 low bid investigation marker price
  When bidding price of person who should become successful bidder is less than low bid investigation marker price, we examine in Himi-shi low bidding price examination committee and decide successful bidder as before.

 8 Others
  It is decided to hear opinion of global assessment committee on carrying out global assessment method.

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