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General public bidding with condition

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 News about general public bidding with condition

  In bid in public construction, planned price almost enforces about construction (public works, sewer work) more than 5 million yen in earnest and, also, planned price almost tries about construction more than 1,300,000 yen and carries out.
  In addition, for condition to refer to general public bidding, it, please confirm with "2017, 2018 construction designated competitive bidding participation qualification letter of advice" to be supplier corresponding to A B C D class with mechanic class of each as it is condition.
  At the same time, we assume designated competitive bidding such as surveying, construction consulting service bid by mail.
  In addition, general public bidding construction (duties) with next condition is as follows.

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About presentation of construction cost itemized statement affecting construction bid item (important instructions)

  With some revisions of "law (nyukeiho) about promotion of adequacy of bid of public construction and contract", we will have you submit construction cost itemized statement in conjunction with bid book about all construction bid items of city ordering (nyukeihodai Article 12).

  As you invalidate when there is not presentation of construction cost itemized statement or when net total of construction cost itemized statement is different from amount of money of bid book, please note.


 About changes such as the points about general public bidding

 About general public bidding, bid tries as thing that bid is established even in the case of 1 person.

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