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Bid participation screening application

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 Construction, surveying, construction consultant

  ・Contract to affect construction
  ・Contract to affect surveying duties
  ・Contract to affect design duties of building
  ・Contract to affect construction consulting service
  ・Contract to affect geological survey duties
  ・Contract to affect compensation consulting service
  ・Contract to affect investigation, examination associated with construction of Others construction

 Offer of article, labor

  ・Contract of the purchase, borrowing, production, repair of article or remodeling
  ・Offer of labor (labor such as surveying to affect construction, construction is excluded.)

 Attached file <2017, 2018 application>

2 2017, 2018 construction (style first) [Excel file /79 .00 kilobytes]
3 2017, 2018 construction (style third) [Excel file /29 .00 kilobytes]
4 2017, 2018 construction (style fourth) [Excel file /31 .50 kilobytes]
5 2017, 2018 construction (style fifth) [Word file /25 .50 kilobytes]
9 type of industry division list [PDF file /18 .87 kilobytes]

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