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Local construction industry management reinforcement financing system

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Local construction industry management reinforcement financing system

  Based on the extremely severe situation that small and medium size, nucleus construction industry to support local economy, employment faces, "area construction industry management reinforcement financing system" was founded toward facilitation of financing in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, but, about construction of Motoichi ordering, we aim for this financing system and decide to support for financial facilitation of construction company.

 (1) About volume part of construction, security can borrow money within the volume from construction management service in community construction contract price credit by person of characteristic order of system (prime contractor) getting consent of orderer about transfer of construction contract price credit to construction management service (wholly-owned subsidiary of East Japan Construction Surety) (a). (i) About unfinished part beyond the volume of construction, can borrow money from financial institution by guarantee of East Japan Construction Surety.

 (2) As a general rule, among constructors undertaking constructor (assignor of credit) community construction targeted for system, there shall not be nonpayment such as city taxes with less than 1500 things the number of of the 2 billion yen following or employee to always use sum of capital or the total sum of investment.

 (3) By target construction construction, construction with volume more than a half applies. [but, about construction admitted that it is not construction that construction public announcement of low bid item, construction to become carrying forward and carrying forward are anticipated, Others appropriateness, we are not intended.]

 (4) We carry out as measures from January 16, 2009 to March 31, 2021 during conduct period.

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